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About Us

The founder of AFLOATBNB.COM is Mr Nielsen. He is an extremely passionate yachtsman, for more than 50 years he has sailed on all types of boats and yachts.

During this time he noticed that friends were often calling him to ask his whereabouts whilst out sailing. When they learned that he planned to sail to a small island or an urban environment, often they would ask if they could come and stay aboard for a few days.

These friends drove for many hours to reach the location, often having to take ferries to reach the intended destination. It became obvious that although they had no interest in sailing, they revelled in a stay aboard the boat. It appeared that despite the skipper inviting the guests to stay aboard for sailing, they declined. They delighted in a stay in the marina aboard the yacht or boat, however had a reluctance or maybe it was a fear of sailing.

Mr Nielsen pondered this and decided that the reasons were:


-       People generally like to be close to water


-       People generally like the maritime environment


-       People generally like the life in a marina


-       People generally like the small talk etc. that there always is among people on boats in a marina


-       And most of all people liked the idea of staying on a boat for a holiday


Furthermore Mr Nielsen came to the conclusion, that even if all of the above were true:


-       Many do not like actually sailing in minor boats, although ferries appeared to be more acceptable


-       Many do not like to sail, especially in inclement weather and when it is windy


-       Many find it to be too cold when out at sea


-       Many find that to sail for 10 - 20 hours at a time to be boring


Mr Nielsen as a year round sailor noticed that even in the summertime, many yachts and boats were lying unused. Ten years ago the idea eventually emerged to him, to bring the two together. Put these idle boats to use and give those that enjoyed staying on board, but not sailing, the opportunity to holiday in them.

However at this time Mr Nielsen was involved in other projects, so it was not until 2011 he discussed his brilliant idea with other people. Over the years the infrastructure had changed, and the way people travel.

AFLOATBNB.COM was eventually set up in 2012 by Mr Nielsen and as they say the rest is history!

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